Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dos and Don'ts of Stem Cell Treatment

I thought I'd jot down a few things that might be helpful in preparing for and returning from, stem cell treatment that I learned before, during and after my treatment.

Before, During and After Treatment:
Do not - Smoke (anything)
Do not - Consume alcohol
Do - Get a check up and blood test from your doctor so you have a "base" starting point prior to treatment - especially ask for a CK blood test (for muscular dystrophy patients, mainly)
Do - Drink lots and lots of water. Baby stem cells prefer a well-hydrated body.
Do - Be prepared to exercise daily after treatment

30 Days Before Treatment:
Do not - Make a change in your prescriptions (if you can help it) or supplements.

I was told I should get a "heavy metals" blood test before I went. I did so (results were normal), but my insurance did not pay for the test and it was very expensive. Unless you really think it necessary or your insurance covers it, I suggest passing on this sort of test.

After Treatment:
Be prepared for physical and occupational therapy when you return. Let your doctor know (if you have insurance to cover this) that you will need a "doctor's order" for PT and OT.
Be prepared to purchase exercise equipment when you return. I needed a stationary exercise bike, a muscle stimulator machine, a standing frame and an over-sized work out bench (5 ft. wide by 6 ft. long).
The exercise bike can be easily found and fairly inexpensive. The standing frame is expensive to purchase so I am building one using items I can find at my local home improvement store. The work out bench is hard to find due to its size, so I am building that too. Most of the materials can be found at a hardware store, but I had to order the vinyl covering from an upholstery speciality store. The muscle stimulator machine will obviously need to be purchased, but I want to talk with my PT first.

I'll add more thoughts as they come to me.


  1. Hi, Russ--

    Have you already got the TENS machine? If not, Terry has one which he would be happy to give you--I don't know what the specifications are, that you would need, but he used one a number of years ago, which he no longer needs. Let me know, if you might be able to use it!

  2. Hi Kerry,
    No, I have not. I was waiting to speak iwth a PT professional before spending the money, but meanwhile I'll take Terry's! Thanks.

  3. Great! I will tell him, and we'll let you know about sending it. Sorry for the long delay, things are extra-crazy here!

  4. Hi Russ
    Please keep us updated about your progress in response to the stem cell treatment. Would you recommend this treatment to others with same condition as yours.
    Thank you

  5. Ben,
    Right now, I'd have to say yes, I would recommend this treatment. I would add, however, that I personally believe results from stem cell treatment in FSHD patients will vary. There are many factors to consider some of which include age and the severity of the individual's condition. Overall, I feel it was worth it just to have my CK level drop to such a low number. But it's going to take time to see whether I can maintain that result.

  6. Russ - You are a true Pioneer. I wish you all the best.

  7. Thank you for this information. My child is in need of this procedure. We are off to German this week for the treatment. You have been really helpful.

  8. hey is homepathy safe to take right after stem cell treatment

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