Sunday, August 30, 2009

August 31 - CK Level On The Rise

Over this past week I had two separate CK tests from two separate labs taken. On August 20 my CK level was 260; On August 27 it was 316. Both of these numbers are a significant rise from the 74 I saw just before leaving China just over four months ago. The Aug. 27 number may be a bit off due to having exercised the day before the test. Still, the numbers are higher than I would like. What's odd, is I have slightly increased my exercycle from level 4 to level 5 (out of 8 levels). For now, I only do about 10 minutes at that level, but the increase is there.

Otherwise, I have noticed no significant changes and have maintained the exercise endurance and walking stability I seemed to have acquired from the China treatment.

Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17, 2009 - Nearly 4 Months Post-Treatment

Later this week will mark four months since my return from China, so here's an update:

No major changes. I still have not fallen while walking normally since returning from China. I have had a some falls but all of them are related to having tripped or stepped on something unexpectedly. My last fall was in my home about 10 days ago. I tried like hell to get up on my own for over an hour, but eventually had to ask my girlfriend Laurie, for assistance. However, Laurie recently had to move to a city about 3 hours away to take care of her grandmother. Since I had such a hard time getting up on my own the other day I bought an electric Hoyer lift for those times I expect I will fall and nobody will be around. So standing obviously remains a problem.

I still exercise daily for about an hour and a half. I am unable to strap myself into the Standing Frame, so I am no longer spending a half-hour doing that exercise.

Physical Therapy continues once a week. Last week I learned how to get up from a fall in my home using my coffee table. I had been doing it all wrong and this is why I was unable to get off the floor the other day.

Overall, I'm still not sure whether stem cell treatment has helped. With the exception of not falling while walking, I have not seen any "spectacular" results. I'll need another two months work and test or two before I can say one way or the other.

I'll keep you all posted.