Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14, 2009 - The Vimeo Video

The day before I left Hangzhou, China, the Beike Biotech staff took a patient-experience video of me. I learned just today it was posted on their Stem Cells China News site (http://www.stemcellschina.com/) some two weeks ago.
I recall it was an emotional day when the video was shot. I had just learned the good news that my CK level had dropped from 188 to 74 and, although it was a pleasant experience, I was looking forward to returning home after five weeks in a foreign country. I look terrible in the video, but I really felt great! Thank you all for your continued support.

Here is the link: http://vimeo.com/5369780


  1. what i said sir, for your achievment one think i know & want to tell you thoushand's years of human history you are the first man who got this kind of achievment. and hope when days has became weeks and weeks became month your health became better and better.
    imagine you as my big brother who always be ready for my care.

  2. Dear mr. Kleve,

    What you are doing is very admirable and very important to other people with FSHD. My wife also has FSHD. We are reading your blog with great interest. And we hope you keep informing us about your progress trough your blog.

    Kind regards,

    Sjoerd Lautenbach,
    The Netherlands.