Sunday, August 30, 2009

August 31 - CK Level On The Rise

Over this past week I had two separate CK tests from two separate labs taken. On August 20 my CK level was 260; On August 27 it was 316. Both of these numbers are a significant rise from the 74 I saw just before leaving China just over four months ago. The Aug. 27 number may be a bit off due to having exercised the day before the test. Still, the numbers are higher than I would like. What's odd, is I have slightly increased my exercycle from level 4 to level 5 (out of 8 levels). For now, I only do about 10 minutes at that level, but the increase is there.

Otherwise, I have noticed no significant changes and have maintained the exercise endurance and walking stability I seemed to have acquired from the China treatment.

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  1. My best friend that lives with me (female) has FSHD. She must have a pretty severe case of it , as right now she is only 74 lbs. and she is age 33. I have been watching after her and she gets around okay but has much trouble with anything that requires much muscle effort. Such as opening a coke bottle. She feels helpless most sometimes and gets very depressed from it. I would do anything to trade my health for hers. I am 6 foot 6 and weight 214 lbs, I work out regularly and tell her I am building muscle for both of us. I love her dearly, Do you know of anything I can do to help her? I want to check into that place in china or whereever, cause its my human concern for her health and her not being in a wheelchair ever.