Thursday, November 5, 2009

New CPK Results

A new blood test last week shows my CPK level has dropped from 316 in August to 137! This time I did not exercise at all three days prior to testing. I wanted a "resting" cpk number, and think my higher level in August was due to having exercised less than 48 hours before testing.

My routine remains mostly the same. I exercise 5-6 times a week for 1-2 hours each time. Exercises include stretching, glute exercises, sit ups, arm work and "clam shells" leg exercises. I then ride my exercycle 30-40 minutes at level 5, warming up first at level 4 for about five minutes. I still see my physical therapist once a week, usually to work on upper body strength at this point.

Standing remains a problem, and I recently pulled something in my side near a kidney, making standing a bit painful. My PT thinks we can work on something that will help, so I am looking forward to that later this week.

Overall, I still believe I am seeing improvements. Maybe nothing "earth-shattering" to many, but from where I've been sitting (or falling!) for many years the improvements are significant. My energy is way up; I'm exercising without pain or discomfort for an extended period of time without becoming exhausted; I fall far less often than I did before s/c treatment and I've seen an increase in the mass of my legs.

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  1. hi russ i to have fsh i'm a 35yr old male and my story is very very similar to yours and after listening to your treatment its inspiring me to do something about my condition too, so if you can give me any information i would be very grateful.
    my email adress is

    regards marc