Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Signing Off

Well, I guess its time to say goodbye and wrap up this little blog. It has been 14 months since I returned from China from umbilical cord stem cell treatment. As I mentioned before, my results at first were significant but seem to have leveled off within six or eight months of my return.

Everyone will experience their own results from stem cell treatment. I hope yours is awesome - I guarantee it will be life-changing.

I want to thank all 2,456 of you that have continued to read my blog, followed up with questions and traveled with me on this journey. Your support has been invaluable.

Russ Kleve


  1. hi Russ just read your Signing off mssage and i cant help feeling sad and and felt that my hope of getting better had gone...why? Is ur condition not getting better besides from what you had been telling us thru your responds? I am one of those people who always wrote you to ask a lot of questions since i am also a muscular dystrophy victim...are you sying good bye from us people who are getting a strenght from you in a mysterious way because you also lost hope of getting better? do you want to send us a mssage that our case,all muscular dystrophy patients doesnt have really chance of getting better,to be cured and to have a normal life again? Russ you jsut dont know how you made us especially my family who had a 5 members in the family with this cure illness,happy by reading your blogs...Russ please tell me the reason why you blog this signing off blogs of yours...are you tired responding with many people asking you many,repeated questions?..Russ thanks...many many thanks...we will pray for all of us that God will just give us the inner happiness we are looking inspite of this curse given to us...

  2. I am signing off strickly because I have had no changes in the past several months. The treatment seems to have given me a small amount of strength then stopped altogether. Its not about "lost hope," it's just a fact.

    I just don't see how continuing to post "no new results" is going to help anyone.

    Remember, results from stem cell treatment will vary. Maybe others will do better than I.

  3. Hi Russ thanks for responding and answering my asking why you had signed off...and i came to realize how right you are...yes its not really about lost hope but just a fact.fact about this illness we all have to bear.illness that no advance science can ever give a true cure or treatment for us.what we need is a miracle from above to get cured.my sis lost interest in raising funds for our plans in trying this stem cell treatment because you are our proof if this stemcell will really help.were very frustrated when you said that this past few months the treatment had given you a sm. amount of strenght and stopped altogether.....a fact to concider that stemcell is not really the answer for this curse we got,right? at least you had tried and now after a year or so you had come up with this fact about the outcome of this stemcell treatment.Thanks Russ.please dont get fed up in responding.even if you had signed off you are still a big factor that had helped and give inner strenght,hope and positive outlook to people like us who had really lost hope...its your personality and personal view bout your own burden that makes us strong in a way...thanks.

  4. seriously ? you actually believe that someday there won't be a treatment ?! Russ is actual proof that things can work out eventually... 10 years ago it would have been impossible to gain any strength whatsoever... With stem cell therapy Russ actually gained some strength... It is an improvement no ? Stem Cell therapy is still in it's infancy... not to mention Gene Therapy which is advancing and evolving exponentially...exxon skipping (which is currently in Phase I trial on DMD)....ACE-031 which is also being tested on DMD... Someday.. if not a cure.. at least a treatment will come.. and through all my research i predict that this will happen in 10 years at most...its evolution...

  5. Thank you 'Anonymous', it's an encouragement for me to read a comment from a researcher saying the treatment is not far away.

    My doctor has also been very encouraging and predict the stem cell treatment won't be far away. The global financial crisis may have slowed down R&D, but we should not lose hope. He also told me that before it come, I should not stop exercising so I will still be in good enough condition to receive the treatment.

    In response to the first comment, I think the disease is as much a curse as it is a medium to build our character in the face of adversity...even though I understand how tough it sometimes can be

    Wish all the MD patient out there remain faithful, as the mind can really play a big part in our physical health.

  6. Hi Russ,
    I just found your blog and all the posts you have written have been so lively and it very well shows how much you have progressed. My best wishes to you every time. Do keep posting. Stay in touch.

  7. Hi Russ, I was moved by your posts. I never imagined the things that you are experiencing. How are you now? How was the umbilical cord stem cell treatment? Is the treatment makes you feel better? sorry if I ask you this. I am just curious. I am also planning to have a stem cell treatment in Germany this coming summer. I am brave and I know I can surpass this. I am looking forward for your reply.

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