Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Who Ordered the Massage?

So I'm minding my own business yesterday about 5:00 pm, just hanging out in my room listening to the pod and reading. The day before I had taken a fall in the hallway after physical therapy when Jason and I were on the way to do some bicycling. I was not wearing my braces and my left foot turned inward and down I went smacking my right shoulder and elbow on the heard floor. Since I've taken more falls than Evil Knievel I know how to fall without kissing the floor in the process, so all was well with the 'ol brain bucket. I did, however, have a smarting shoulder.
Anyway, in walks our translator with some woman I'd never seen and says "the massage you ordered is here." "I didn't order a massage," I said. I then asked Jason, who said it wasn't him. We now believe it was someone from the hospital who ordered for me - likely Luca, a patient rep from Italy we met the other day - real nice guy. So I received a full body massage - No Laurie, my clothes stayed on the entire time! It took about an hour and I don't believe she knew more than the word"OK?" in English, but let me tell ya, I felt soooo much better afterwards! I understand this type of massage costs about $300 RMB ($45 US). So thanks, Luca. I owe ya one!


  1. Very glad to hear you were able to get some relaxation in and make up for a nasty tumble. Luca must be very kind! Glad to hear you are getting some rest before your treatment later this week. Love and best wishes,

  2. Best wishes and prayers with you tomorrow for you treatment. Glad you are doing well.

    Love and miss you much.

  3. I tried to get to Jason's blog, but couldn't. Haven't a clue what I am doing wrong. Linda

  4. Linda:
    I just copied Jason's blog address from my message above, then pasted it into the address line, hit "go" and it worked fine, so I'm not sure what's going on on your end. Maybe keep trying that.

  5. I can just see you surrounded by concerned folks, shocked at how quickly you go from vertical to horizontal, and with what degree of general calm. If only they could see you two minutes after getting up from a morning fall at home, back to ironing madly as though nothing had happened...Hey...have you ever thought about starching and ironing your ankles when not wearing your braces??? Couldn't hurt :-P

  6. Sounds like the massage was helpful--that's good! Hope the treatment goes well!

  7. Cats make Commentary...From Miss Biscuit, Baby Jav, and Holstein Bartholomeow:

    We miss our Daddy in his chair
    We miss our daddy sitting there
    Missin' our daddy with no hair
    Miss him 'cause we're here, not there.
    We're only cats so we can't rhyme
    Have trouble typing, it takes time
    We'd call him but we gots no dime
    Dad, the Nip you left is so sublime!
    We've been slumping in the hallway
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    Sorry for the silly catverse
    Know you wish we'd been much more terse
    That's what you get for owning kitty--
    No one said it would be pretty!!!!!!

  8. LOL!!! Thanks. Laurie...I mean Javy, Cowboy and The Biscuit! I miss my kitties too!

  9. If you're gonna fall, I can think of worse places to do it than where you get a massage afterwards. Glad they're taking care of you, bud.

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