Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chinese Takeout

Jason and I have received some questions about the food here. You can find just about everything here you can in the States, albeit it with a twist. There is no "diet" anything; it is called "light," and you'll confuse the locals with that term. KFC, Pizza Hut and McDonalds are very popular, but on the expensive side, compared to the Chinese food Jason and I got for 22 RMB (about $3.25).
This is steamed riced with egg, pork filled dumplings in a broth, and Chinese eggplant in soy sauce. It was SO GOOD! We are definitely eating Chinese as much as possible.
Yesterday, Jason took a trip with Sam the Taxi Driver (one of our English speaking translators) to the Market Place about two blocks from the hospital. He found some snacks for our room and bottles of soda and water for our little fridge.
I expect we'll eat well here, and will keep posting photos of these delicious dishes now and again.


  1. The food looks great and I love Chinese food. Too bad it isn't that cheap here. Have a great day and keep posting. I'm loving the news.

  2. Yummy, looks like you will be eating well. I love your blog, it is so great you can share all this with us.


  3. I'm just diggin' this blog site Russ! You are doing a great job of keeping us informed! We think of you and talk about you every day!