Saturday, March 14, 2009

We've Arrived!

It's Sunday, March 15, noon time as I write this. Nealry 25 hours, and four airports later we're here! I'm taveling with my girlfriend Laurie's son-in-law, Jason, who has been a great help getting me out of wheelchairs and airplane seats, fetching liquids to quench pressurized cabin thirst and snacks between stops. Beike Biotech requires you bring a caregiver or hire one once you get here. I'm glad I brought someone I know and can trust. There's no way I could have made it here otherwise. The flights were uneventful - just the way you want them. Everything was on time and with too much turbulance. Air China was cramped for the 13 hour leg, but our row-mate Peter, made it interesting. Peter originated from Taiwan, and eventually made his way to California, where he and his family sucessfully embraced the American Way, himself eventually becoming an American citizen. Peter works in the luxury car import/export, and was making yet another trip to China. He told us how to make friends in China by passing out cigarettes to the men, and beauty products for the women.

Five minutes after we arrived in our room, the staff was taking my tempature and blood pressure. It's Sunday, so that was about it. Tomorrow, after I fast, they'll start a blood draw and begin testing it for a match.

Our room is small with one single-sized hospital bed, and a queen sized bed for Jason. It's on the 20th floor with a nice bathroom and shower. The view is of a very hazy skyline with modren buildings mixed with ancient, and a garden in every backyard. Horns honk constantly, more of another form of foot pedal than the American version of flipping you the finger.

Ok. I'm beat and need a nap

We were met at the Hangzhou airport by a Beike Biotech staff member, who wisked us back to Hangzhou Hospital.

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  1. Hey there RCK!!! Maybe I'm the first to post a comment on your blog?? Glad you made it there safe and it sounds like they haven't wasted any time in getting going on the treatments! Keep us all in the loop. We're thinking of you every day!