Monday, March 23, 2009

Signing Off For a Couple of Days

Its 3:00 pm, Monday, March 23 here in China as I write this. I'll be off the air for a couple of days beginning tomorrow as my bone marrow treatment begins. After they extract the marrow, I will be required to lay still as much as possible for 24 hours. I am told by another patient that the procedure is really not that bad, but it will wear ya out.
Just had my second IV of stem cells a few minutes ago, and expect I'll be bouncing off the walls hyper here in about an hour - just like the last time. However, Jason and I discovered some cool exercise equipment so we're going bicycling as soon as it hits.
Here is a still photo of my electronic accupuncture. I wanted to really give you a video, but uploading videos to Blogspot is the worst. You could have seen all the wires and jumping contractions! They started with 3 needles in each arm, and 3 in each leg. Today they upped that to a total of 24!

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  1. You are brave! I am watching your experience ... sounds like it has had some positive results. Praying for the very best for you.