Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some Photos

Here is Beijing airport, Terminal 3. This place was HUGE!, and it was just one of several terminals. We had to take a tram ride - about 3 minutes - to get here. The floors shined like glass.

Our room. #7, 20th Floor

View from our room.


  1. Hi Russ,
    thinking of you ever step, they will definately cram a lot in a short period of time, fasten your seatbelt, its gonna be the ride of your life my friend!...love Claire

  2. I know your not thinking about it-but how's the food????

    Our hearts are with you.

    From an Old Bastard in Boston

  3. It sounds like they are keeping you very busy. Missing you very much. All my prayers


  4. The views from your room are great. Got any binocs with you? Work was crazy today. Having a new heating/ac system put in my house so brought a bunch of work home on the TS case for the rest of the week. KC's in sunny Mexico. Lucky him. SFC didn't wear green today so put a green post-it note on himself! We had birthday cake for JA yesterday. It was yummy. Take care, Russ, we love you. Linda

  5. Hi Russ. Big hug coming from Vancouver your way. I was so sorry to hear about your brother. I'm glad you are using his passing as yet another good reason to be right where you are...right now. You are in my prayers daily.
    Keep sending me those delicious looking pictures. Love it! Keep your chin up and we will see you soon! Shelley

  6. Hello again Russ....Just read an article about this guy from Newberg??? :) Great article. You look great in the pictures. Sounds like your PT schedule is a bit taxing, but you still make it sound like it's nothing...I've seen PT and know you are going through a bit so hang in there and rest when you can. FYI...it is raining cats and dogs here so you aren't missing much...Except maybe Kristian's wifes baking. I understand they were muffins to die for. He said they were in the kitchen, but when I looked they weren't in MY kitchen...alas I missed out too.

    Take care, big hugs and lots of prayers your way.