Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hangzhou Excursion

Jason and I got some time today to take a trip to Westlake, in western Hangzhou with Jack the Taxi Driver. Driving anywhere in this city is a trip in itself, but we made the 40 minute trip without incident.

It's not the foggy morning it appears. The "fog" effect is actually air pollution.

We also spent time shopping at the Silk Market, a strip of open air shops nearly a mile long. The Silk Market experience was very cool! Lots of haggling (by Jack) with the shop owners produced $2.00 (US) silk ties, silk shirts for less than $15 (US), and others items at unbeliveable prices.

Jack took us to an excellent cafe called The Cappucccino Cafe where we enjoyed Green Tea Cake and Blueberry Cheese Cake. Jason finnaly got a true caffine fix!


  1. Looked like a nice break from the clinic. Glad you had a chance to have some fun!

  2. Wow Russ..Great pics..hope the best for the treatments. Glad you are able to enjoy the Chinese culture while undergoing therapy..the pics really are wonderful, the ties look cool..

  3. Hey Kerry,

    We had a great time on our little outing, and are looking forward to another trip soon. I've never been to NYC, but I can imagine it looks and feels a lot like this - except for the crazy driving they do here!

  4. Hi Russ,
    The outing looks wonderful. Low 70s huh? It was 38 here when I got in my car this morning. I don't think I feel sorry for you anymore. LOL The picture of the fan, is it as pretty for real as it is in the picture? If you have some extra cash, would you buy one of the fans and I'll pay you when you get home. Love, Linda

  5. Linda,
    We are going back to Silk Street one of these days. I'll add your request to our list.