Monday, March 30, 2009

March 30 - Treatment No. 3

I've been under the weather with a slight cold accompanied with a sore throat for the past four days now. This is not the best circumstances for baby stem cells to develop so they've had me on traditional Chinese medicines which includes a small vile of some pretty "vile" tasting liquid four times a day, as well as some sort of pills. I have no idea what's in either of these products, but they seem to be helping. Jason was able to round up some vitamin C so I've added that to the mix too.

Today I was given my third bag of stem cells via IV. On Friday they will return my cultivated bone marrow via IV. Then next Wednesday, I'll be put under general anesthesia and given two bags of stem cells via site injections into my thighs, calfs, forearms and biceps. This will complete all the transfusions I've signed up for. After that its workout, workout, workout. I expect to increase my physical therapy from two to three hours a day.

Results: So far not much at all, except maybe a slightly faster walking gait. But I've only just now had my third (of six) treatment, and it's way too soon to tell. One of the Americans who works here told me muscle damage takes longer than other types of treatment to see results because you have to work and develop the muscles. But the new building blocks will be in place by the time I leave here, so the rest will be up to me. Cool! Bring it on!!


  1. Damn right, bring it on! I'm about to work you like a horse. Get ready to hate me for a while.

  2. Russell-- I am so proud of you and the determination and strength of will you are showing. I rode my bike for you on Saturday, and let me tell you it was cold, rainy, and miserable! It even hailed a bit! My feet were swimming in water and I wasn't sure I would ever feel my fingers again, but I didn't complain once because I thought of you and knew that you would do anything to be able to be out riding again...even in those lousy conditions. And me riding (or running or swimming) for those people who can't is the whole point. I really hope that this is your turning point and that you are not only able to stop the progression, but hopefully turn back the clock and regain strength. Stay positive and keep up the fight!

  3. Hello Dear Russ! Just got caught up on your blog after a couple days of not checking in. Sounds like every day for you is something new and different. What you're doing is so admirable and we are all so proud of you. Know, we are thinking of you every day! LOVE this blog!

  4. Sheryl,
    Thank you so much for thinking of me, your ongoing comittments to helping others - in so many ways - and your inspiring comments! I am proud to know and work with you my friend! But I am also humbled when I see the all the children here bravley facing their own conditions that my fight seems "easy" by comparison. Now there's some inspiration!

  5. Your strength of character, determination, and just plain gumption are amazing to me. As I told you before, I know if I were in your position, I would be in a wheelchair by now. You are an incredible man and I am so proud of you for your fight in this disease. I'm sure I speak for all at occ....we are looking forward to having you back at work. Love, Linda